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Sabtu, 15 Mei 2010

DSQUARED2 Grey Dress

DSQUARED2 Carlton Dress
Saya sedang membayangkan memakai dress ini... hal yang pertama kali terpikir adalah armpit harus bersih... tangan belang??! wuooo waduh ditutupin pakai apa ya ? Gini nih kalau keseringan pakai kaos di daerah tropis dengan panas terik... mungkin itu apa ya namanya yang cuman buat selendang di tangan tapi bukan selendang.. ummm... mungkin yang ini bagus. bolero sederhana untuk orang sederhana seperti saya tapi rasanya warnanya mati ehh...
Do & Be Hook Sequin Bolero Shrug Satin Shine Cap Sleeve Vest Topmungkin lebih bagus yg iniSexy Black Ruffled Collar Cropped Wrap Plus Size Shrug Boleroterlalu lebay di atas ga sih... next... jaket kulit ???Coffee Shop Faux Crinkled Leather with Diagonal Zipper Moto Jacket - Black ahh kok kayaknya tidak cocok siluet, cantik di badan atas jadi tidak keliatan...Lycra Feather Bolero Jacket bolero bulu??? ah weird... ah ini kayaknya oke... tapi tetap saja menutupi lenganku yang belang.G by GUESS Deren Vest kalau pakai ini kesannya lebih kasual.
Seandainya saya mau pakai di malam hari...dengan mempertimbangkan udara dingin. Ceritanya saya mau makan di cafe.. dsquared dress yang cantik ini cocoknya dipadukan samaLevi's Women's Smooth Leather Assymetrical Motorcyle Jacket jaket kulit ini tapi tidak perlu dikancingkan lagi. Kesan akhir yang ditampilkan adalah sporty sweet sexy calm young girl... wehehehehehehe.. ah terus aksesorisnya...Victorian Long Earrings Heart Pinkah cantik tapi terasa bohemian... mungkin yang lebih klasik dan modernDaVinci X-Long 4 1/2" and Sexy Large Flower Dangle Earrings in Hematite/Black Tone with Crystal Accents ok sip... apalagi ya? kalung yg cantikPhiten Star Necklace ummm kurang bagusSunnywood 4016 Gun Metal And Rhinestone Bat Necklace ahahahahaa ini lucu sekalo so cute... tapi karena saya bukan tipe wanita yang memakai banyak akesoris nampaknya ini sudah cukup. Mungkin tambahan satu lagi adalah jam warna coklatTimex Women's T20071 Easy Reader Brown Leather Watch. Yak perfect. Hasilnya adalah saya yang modern, chic,classic, unik (karena kalung kelelawar itu), tidak biasa, terlihat kaya dan terlihat suka bergaya.
Jika jaket dibuka udah pas banget buat clubbing... tapi semakin dibayangkan lebih baik kalung kelelawar itu tidak perlu dipakai.

Senin, 12 April 2010

Body Shape and Blouse

There’s no doubt that in the world of women’s fashion, there are more choices today than ever before. The options for ladies’ blouses alone include a multitude of prints, patterns, and colors to choose from, not to mention necklines! But this does not mean that every woman can wear the same type of blouse and it’s important to know your body type and which style of ladies blouse will accentuate your most flattering features while hiding problem areas. Once you know your body type and what will flatter it, you’re in for a world of fun as you search through racks and racks of beautiful ladies blouses that are all for the choosing!

The hourglass figure looks like just that – broad shoulders, tiny midsection, full hips and long legs. This type of body figure can wear just about anything, including any style of ladies blouseHippie Ladies Blouse - Small, and look great in it. Unfortunately, very few of us were blessed with such a body type and, especially as we begin to mature, areas of the body start to droop and fill out. However, those that are lucky enough to keep that hour-glass figure will still always have the most choices available to them.

The largest problem that women with plus-size figures have finding ladies blouses is generally not in the length, which should be three to four inches below the waist, but in finding roomy arms that don’t cut into the skin in the underarm area. Although plus-size stores will most certainly be your first choice for any type of larger clothing, also try stores that you may not normally think of such as maternity stores, which usually only has clothing that is larger and has more room to move. The bonus with these kinds of stores is that the fashions are always top of the line and extremely trendy. However, you may find that they may be a bit pricier than other stores. Trapeze topsmetrostyle Cap Sleeve Trapeze Top (TOPAZ MULTI,L) and empire waist blousesMotherhood Maternity: Short Sleeve Empire Waist Maternity Blouse are also very good styles to watch for as they will have the room that you are looking for.

Apple-shaped bodies also look like exactly that. The shoulders and back are very broad, the midsection is wide and that fullness extends to the lower thighs, and the legs are quite thin. With this type of body shape, women generally want to hide their midsection and this is when knowing how to shop for ladies blouses is very important. The first trick for apple shapes is to draw the eye away from the tummy and wearing a V-neck blouseChadwicks The Boho Blouse (MANDARIN,M) with a long necklaceTriple Strands Blister Shell and Beaded Long Necklace Multi Color 48'' is a great way to do this. Length is also important and it’s important not to be afraid of going a size bigger than you actually are. You may be very grateful for the extra room!

Pear shapes have the opposite problem of apple shapes in that they are much smaller on top than they are on the lower half of their body. Because of this, attention needs to be taken away from the lower portion and brought up above the waist and this is great news when shopping for ladies blouses! Pear shapes have many options including layering blouses with blazersmetrostyle Pinstripe Blazer (BLACK PERIDOT,14), wearing as they are, and they can also wear just about any pattern they find! Here length is important as well but again, pear shapes want shorter blouses so that they don’t travel down too far past the waist and bring attention to the lower body. Ladies blouses that fall just at the waist also aren’t recommended for this body type as they will seemingly cut the body in half and make it appear disproportioned.
 Chadwicks Goddess Blouse (AEGEAN MULTI,4)Chadwicks The Isabella Blouse (BLACK,M)Chadwicks The Bianca Blouse (RED PEPPER,18)Chadwicks The Eve Top (BLUE PRINT COMBO,14)metrostyle Ruffled Sheer Blouse (IVORY,12)Kensie Girl Junior's Short Sleeve Spring Sheer Blouse, Island Teal, SmallChadwicks Smocked Blouse (EMERALD,16)Veria Loungewear Cap Sleeve Top - Soft Pink Medium

credit : Groshan Fabiola - articlebase.com