Learn More

Just bcoz u failed doesnt mean u're nothing... I realize that yesterday was frustating. Now is more frustating. What should I do...?? In order to be a better person I have to learn more...

A moment ago I read a good very short story.

One day a teenage boy is driving a car. Suddenly the car stopped and didnt want to move. Then the boy decided to repair it himself. After hours he found that he cannot find the problem. After that he get his car to the mechanic. The mechanic said," the cable is loose."

The message of the story is you cannot solve a problem if you're not at the same level as the problem. For example. You cannot ask a 2th grade junior high school student to solve college problems.. it's too hard.The difficulty of our problems depend on our capability/ability. So, if you want to get an easier life, upgrade yourself.


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