Body Size... Is That a Problem?

Fashion For DummiesYes if you can't accept yours
No if you love your body and know how to make it more beautiful
So How we can make our body more beautiful with fashion?
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The first step to achieve that is to find out what body shape you are and then use mine great body shape fashion tips to disguise your flaws and show the best assets of your body.
Apples & Pears: The Body Shape Solution for Weight Loss and Wellness
 There are four common body shapes – pear, apple, hourglass and rectangle. Probably the most common type is pear. Pears have their upper body smaller than lower and when they gain weight it usually goes to their hips and thighs. Because the lower body is larger than the upper one, it's important for pears to find a balance between the two. 

So if your body shape is pear you should wear fitted tops in bright and light colours with different prints and to make your hips and legs look slimmer you should wear A – line or flared skirtsSignature Matte Jersey Collection: Flared Short Skirt (misses XL BLACK). If you prefer jeans you should wear wide – leg or straight legged jeans ESPRIT Women's Straight Coated Denim Pants, 951-Dark Brushed, 33 - 32in darker colours. Another great fashion tip from mine body shape fashion tips is that if you want to bring attention to your neck and face rather then to your hips, you should wear necklaces and earrings.
 Apples have their upper body larger than lower and if they gain weight it usually goes to their waistline. So it's important to draw attention from your waist to your legs. So wear jeans that have a flat front Dickies Women's Flat Front Stretch Twill Pant, Desert Sand, Size 20 x 31.5 Reg Inseamand have back pockets that can give a little bit of curve to your flatter rear. You should stay away from jeans that are too tight as they will make you look even bigger on the top. If you prefer skirts, wear A – line skirts Charter Club Skirt, Floral Border A-Line Classic Blk Combo 10or short skirts that are 1 to 5 inches above the knee. The tops you shouldn't wear with those jeans and skirts are dark tops with too many patterns. And because apples have larger breast don't forget that very important is the right bra.
 If you're lucky enough to have an hourglass figure, you've found a balance that most of us, especially pears, are looking for. Because your shoulders and curvy hips are equal in size, you don't have to be afraid of patterns and you should go for tops with V – neck FOX Junior's Fox Street V-Neck T-Shirt,Kelp,Mediumand wear some stretch denim jeans with larger hips and smaller waist. As for skirts you should wear ¾ length or full length skirts. Probably the most valuable of all body shape fashion tips for women with an hourglass figure is – don't hide your body by wearing some baggy clothes.
 If you have a rectangle figure you definitely have great legs and you should show them by wearing jeans with a low – rise and with back pockets Script Back Pocket Bootcut Jean - MYSTERY (30)that will make your bottom look fuller. Or you can wear pencilShape fx Hold-you-in pencil skirt (misses 06 BLACK), A – lined or flared skirts. Because your figure is straight up and down you shouldn't wear vertical patterns as they will make you look even thinner, but rather wear scoop neck or V – neck tops that will make you look curvier.
 We are all different in the way we look but we have one thing in common, we always find something we don't like about our bodies. So make the first step to change and find out what your body shape is and use mine body shape fashion tips as they can help you to take the focus of your problem areas and emphasize what is positive on your body. They can even save your time when shopping, as quite often we buy clothes that are unflattering for our figure because they don't have the right cut, colour or print.
 And there's another aspect where mine body shape fashion tips can be very useful. They can help you to become more confident, because the way you feel determines the way you look. So feel confident and it definitely will show.

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article source: article base by Fernando Calahena


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