The Colour is Black

Black never goes out of fashion. It's a saying that goes back a long way - as does the colour black, when it comes to stylish, timeless clothes. What is it about black that makes it so compelling a choice when we look for new T-shirts, tops and jeans? What is it about black that makes it feel so safe?
It's hard to say, but unquestionably true. Many men choose to wear black clothes because they see it as a safe choice that they can be sure they'll always look good in. Much of the reason is simple colour-matching - while some colours might not go with a certain skin tone, hair colour or eye hue, black goes with absolutely everything - well, maybe except brown - and is truly one of the most adaptable colours for clothing there is. You can wear a black T-shirtBravado Young Men's Metallica-Master Of Puppets T-Shirt,Black,Small with blue jeans and know you'll look fine, or wear black trousers ABS Allen Schwartz Women's Pleated Narrow Leg Trouser With Chain,Black,2with a white, blue, yellow, purple, red or green shirt and know, again, that you'll look fine. Black goes with everything - and that's one of the reasons it's such a strong staple of men's fashion.
Black is also a flattering colour. It can hide any bumps of bulges that may otherwise make us feel less confident about our appearance and always has the perk of giving a little more of a streamlined look to our bodies. No other colour has this ability, which is another reason black is so popular - with women as much as men.
On top of all that, in a world where women's fashion is all bright colours and pastels, men's fashion has yet to catch up to this. Although plenty of men's clothes in a variety of colours are available, not as many men as women are willing to experiment. Why? Because black is safe, stylish and they know it's going to work with whatever they want to team it up with - so why try anything else?
Black also comes with several connotations when worn by a man: it seems sexy, mysterious and - dare we admit it? - manly, which is something that could attract interest from the right person. As much fun as it is to branch out and try out different colours of mens T-shirts, it's good to know that black will always be there as a back up and it's never going to go away. Because black never goes out of fashion.
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