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Reforming Women's Fashion, 1850-1920: Politics, Health, and ArtThere are two factors for color coordination one is coordinating men clothing against our complexion and other is creating color harmony. Mixxing pattern is coordination of same design and pattern of different design. The ultimate challenge is to mix three or four pattern togetherly.

Style is the way you put together cloths, not the cloths themselves. Following are some style tips

When you will go to shopping for your basic wordrobe stay away from overly trendy pieces.

Do not purchase everything you have seen in magazine. Pick up what looks and feels better on you.
your wordrobe must show your personality.

Woman Fashion

Woman fashion is not just about their clothing. It is something that you can associate with yourself. Your fashion statement is depends upon your body frame, skin tone, comfort level and personal attitude. Urban woman fashion style should go in consistency and fashion way.

Fashion Tips for women :

Body Frame : A women having plumps should avoid sleeveless. Select dark color rather than lighter shade. If you like to wear lighter shade then prefers dull color. Choose dull bliue rather than sky blue. Smaller prints and vertical prints gives you slimmer look. Heavy built should avoid cotton and kotta sarees. Select chiffon and georgette sarees. Entire range of beautiful shades are suitable for thin women.Sleevless, deep cut and strapped blouse can also worn.

Skin Tone:Gold with blend of copper will suitable for women having fair complexion. mixed shades are choosen by medium or whitysh skin tone women. Dark skin toned wrap up with goldnish copper shade.

Personal attitude and comfortness: Your comfort feeling is important for deciding your style. If you are not comfotable with western look but you want cosmopolitan look then go for indo western outfit. If you are shy in nature then saree is better option with boat necked or squre necked blouse.If you are person of bold personality then choose western outfit.

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